Equipment Applications

In locations all over the country and the world, the RAM2000 has been used in many different applications such as fenceline monitoring installations, oil & gas, agricultural monitoring, airports & transportations, chemical agents, chemical facilities, greenhouse gases, indoor air quality, industrial facilities, landfills & remediations, mobile installations, stacks & flares, and wastewater treatments.



Monitoring for a reforestation project in Nariva Swamp, Trinidad.

Continuous leak detection and repair (LDAR) monitoring for a chemical facility. The system runs unattended 24/7 along three paths ranging 200 meters to 500 meters. Note the liquid nitrogen auto-fill "tree" on the left of the RAM2000.

The RAM2000 was used to monitor background levels of atmospheric gases from prevailing winds off the subequatorial Atlantic Ocean.

The RAM2000 can be set up to monitor single rooms, long corridors or large warehouses.

Multiple path fixed installation at an industrial manufacturing facility.

The RAM2000 has been used to monitor emissions from landfills such as the New York Staten Island landfill.

Daily monitoring was conducted over a three year period by a RAM2000 system set up in a rental truck. The truck was often moved to more strategic locations as the remediation progressed. The entire system including the RAM2000 Tax-Met, PC, and printer ran off of portable generators. When soil handling activities were dormant, the RAM2000 and rental truck were demobilized.

Hot gas exhaust gas monitoring for combustion turbine peaking generators at a New Jersey utility. Both open-path FTIR and UV technologies used.

The RAM2000 is shooting along tertiary wastewater treatment tanks. The Retro-Reflector is at the far side.