KASSAY Industry Achievements in OP-FTIR RAM2000 Technology

KASSAY has made key contributions to commercialize OP-FTIR and the RAM2000 ftir spectrometer.

kassay-ram2000-awards and accreditations-etv

Implemented the RAM2000TM OP-FTIR test with USEPA's contractor (Batelle) for the Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV). To date, we believe it is the only OP-FTIR with this certification.


Gained approval for the RAM2000TM to be listed as a tool for DHS Early warning detection of toxic chemicals for first responders, (2005 SAVER). The RAM2000TM spectrometer is the only OP-FTIR with this approval.


Supported PADEP to have their RAM2000TM OP-FTIR NELAP accredited. We believe this is the only OP-FTIR in the world to have accomplished this.


Partner instructor for USEPA's 'On-Sites Insights' training seminars for OP-FTIR. The EPA sponsored initiative was geared towards user training in OP-FTIR.

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Contracted by industry groups such as the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and Electric Power and Research Institute EPRI to develop OP-FTIR SOP's and standardize protocols.


Partner to academic institutions to supply reduced costs and support for research efforts using the RAM2000TM (Texas A&M, Technion University, Alberta University, University of West Indies).



Stephen Perry (Principal of KASSAY) was the OP-FTIR operator and data analyst for a two year study (1994-1996) to develop an alternative, monitoring technique for RACT compliance of gaseous criteria pollutants (NOW, VOC, SO2, and CO) high-temperature combustion turbines. The method used Open-Path FTIR/UV technology to measure across multiple 'peaking-units', and was tentatively approved by NJDEP as an option for JCP&L RACT compliance.


KASSAY was the only US based contractor selected and hired by SCAQMD for their 2015 small source (remote sensing) monitoring project scoring a 97% on technical evaluation. KASSAY completed the project on time and within budget .

KASSAY has partnered with leading air modeling experts to create integrated emissions modeling software. One based on AERMOD is now commercially available. Another method based on CALPUFF is being tested.



The RAM2000™ design team received the Presidential Recognition Award for being one of only 133 projects completed on time, budget and within scope.



RMMSoft™ received the prestigious LISTnet award (Long Island Software Award) for powerful GUI interface to the RAM2000™ and SEI compliant development process.

kassay-ram2000-awards and accreditations-etv

The RAM2000™ open path monitor completed the USEPA's Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV)*. A copy of the report and findings can be found at: http://www.epa.gov/etv/pubs/01_vr_ail.pdf.



The RAM2000™ open path monitor used by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) Mobil lab went through the accreditation process according to NELAC standards. More information about the Nelac Institute can be found at: http://www.nelac-institute.org/


RAM2000™ open path monitor was approved in USDHS 'Guide for the Selection of Chemical Agent and Toxic Industrial Material Detection Equipment for Emergency First Responders, Vol. II as part of the SAVER* program. http://www.firstresponder.gov/saver/Pages/Savers.aspx?s=Saver.

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