Kassay RAM2000 Worldwide

Since 1996, RAM2000 FTIR spectrometers have been successfully installed worldwide.

3d world map with kassay project location country fill-ins and cropped

South Africa & Middle East: Refinery flare monitoring in all three configurations: active, passive, and extractive for sites in South Africa and Middle East (Qatar) including fugitive, fence line, and tank farm monitoring.

U.S. – Rodeo, California: Refurbished (upgraded) both the north and south industrial site perimeter OP-FTIR systems with RAM2000TM G2 electronics, Ethernet communications and RMMSoft analytical software. Systems continuously run at one-way path lengths up to 980 meters. Prior to the acceptance of the RAM2000TM upgrade, locale conducted on-site field trial to confirm performance requirements to a prior established MOU.

China – DaFeng & Jiaxing: KASSAY installed fixed and mobile RAM2000TM G2 Open-Path FTIR systems in active configuration. Each fixed system was installed with an auto-positioner to monitor for multiple paths 24/7 fence line monitoring. Unique path lengths ranging from 400 to 700 meters in one-way distance to the retro-reflector are continuously scanned.

South China: Multiple Open-Path and extractive RAM2000TM spectrometers have been deployed for chemical and industrial plants in two provinces. Both fixed and mobile installations are utilized, with the fixed installations including multiple beam paths of up to 450 meters.

Australia: KASSAY supplied RAM2000TM OP-FTIR for 24/7 continuous monitoring for a 1-month proof of concept study. Several path locations around a process area were investigated with one-way distances of up to 100 meters, with an additional auto-positioner with multiple beam paths.

U.S. – Texas, Wyoming, Utah: A Department of Energy (DOE) sponsored program to monitor for methane and H-C’s at natural gas compressor & underground gas storage site. More than 20 underground storage tanks and 16 compressor locations were investigated.

U.S. – Pinedale, Wyoming: An aggressive emission rate monitoring project that included measurement of oil and gas wastewater ponds during summer and winter conditions.

U.S. – Diamond Bar, California: Quantification of gaseous emissions from gas stations, oil wells, and other small point sources.

U.S. – Eagle Ford Shale, Texas: RAM2000 G2 OP-FTIR to investigate oil & gas emissions sources. Land owners /operators will use the results to implement emission control or emission reduction techniques. Main target gases are methane and total organic compounds.

U.S – Demmit County, Texas: RAM2000 G2 OP-FTIR used to collect down wind emissions of an active gas well where 40,000 acres are under energy development. Using the RAM2000TM OP-FTIR, emissions from gas well storage and collection infrastructure were characterized. Through the course of the five week field project, KASSAY worked along side FluxSense and NPL to monitor gas stations, oil wells, storage tanks, and cattle farms. Three journal publications and an official report are available.

U.S. – Tennessee: Monitoring for a confidential client permit amendment. The client sought approval to increase the frequency of detonations at a munitions disposal facility. The successful study will be repeated in 2018 with multiple RAM2000TM OP-FTIR spectrometers.

U.S. – Alaska: An aggressive winter time monitoring campaign in Alaska was performed by an D.O.D. contractor at confidential military bases. The campaign included monitoring when the outside temperature was below zero.

U.S. – Amarillo, Texas: Two RAM2000TM OP-FTIR spectrometers and integrated weather stations were installed around the perimeter of an industrial process for one month emissions study.

U.S. – Shelbyville, Indiana: KASSAY was contracted to investigate the emissions from a confidential manufacturing process. After successful field trials, an OP-FTIR monitoring system was installed to run continuously. A special interface was developed and programmed by KASSAY to allow the FTIR to report information like a Rockwell device over an OPC server thus fully tied into the plants data network.

U.S. – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Harrisburg, PA: The commonwealth of PA has used the RAM2000TM Open-Path FTIR as part of their mobile lab group since 2000. The system which is installed in a vehicle and used for every sort of source monitoring including the characterization of the Marcellus shale emissions. In 2012, PA-DEP was the first every group to have their Open-Path FTIR certified by NELAP. KASSAY has been the support contractor to since 1999 and helped with their accreditation, develop SOP’s, and provided general maintenance for both hardware and software.

U.S. – San Antonio, Texas: Through a research partnership working with RPSEA and EFD (environmentally friendly drilling systems) for industrial oil and gas clients to utilize open path FTIR for monitoring of gas. Using a KASSAY supplied RAM2000TM Open-Path FTIR, the group has begun a series of field trials with the support of two major Texas based energy corporations. The program has also gained support from USEPA who hosted a field trial at RTP headquarters with tracer release, open path FTIR and UV analyzers, and meteorological towers to incorporate into Gaussian dispersion model.

U.S. – Alberta, California: The Government of Alberta is investigating many open path FTIR applications including oil and gas production and process monitoring. Both the University of Alberta and the Government of Alberta have purchased RAM2000TM OP-FTIR’s. For some applications, both systems are used on the the same site, as KASSAY supplies training and on-going support.

U.S. – Charleston, West Virginia: KASSAY supplied turn-key OP-FTIR testing services to characterize alcohol vapors from an industrial waste water treatment process. The source was an open tank vessel.

U.S. – Bowie, Texas: KASSAY supplied turn key equipment and services for an OP-FTIR tracer study on a new gas well and compressor pad site. The study included simultaneous measurement for methane, tracer gases and other VOC’s and GHGs. Other technologies such as cavity ring down, tube impingers, and summa canisters were also compared with the FTIR data.

U.S. – Deer Park, Texas: Perhaps one of the most aggressive Open-Path FTIR studies to date, KASSAY supplied equipment & services for a year long VRPM program using two RAM2000TM open path spectrometers with auto-positioners (scanner,) and 20 retro reflectors. The systems had to be run remotely while unattended around a coker unit at the Texas based plant.

U.S. – Long Pond, Pennsylvania: Monitoring of NASCAR Events for domestic security threat protection. KASSAY supplied RAM2000TM equipment and services for the program that was part of the DHS effort to improve threat detections and response preparedness. KASSAY supplied turn-key (trailer based) services to specific contractors.

U.S. – Fort Irwin, California: Under contract, KASSAY supplied equipment and services for multiple field trials for a DARPA classified program to identify and evaluate products for first response to military (gas) threats. The RAM2000TM Open-Path FTIR equipment was used in both a portable and fixed site status.

Nariva Swamp, Trinidad: The RAM2000 was used to monitor background levels of atmospheric gases from prevailing winds off the subequatorial Atlantic Ocean for a reforestation project. An integrated Climatronics F460 met-tower was used to document meterological conditions. The RAM2000 was set at multiple (one way path) distances ranging from 20 meters up to 1/2 a kilometer to the Retro-Reflector.

U.S. – Chicago, Illinois: RAM2000 used for a week-long program to monitor aircraft emission.

U.S. – Harriman, New York: Continuous leak detection and repair (LDAR) monitoring for a chemical facility. The system runs unattended 24/7 along three paths ranging 200 meters to 500 meters.

U.S. – New York: RAM2000 open path FTIR used for one kilometer range at Republic Airport.

U.S. – Dugway Proving Ground, Maryland: Marines got a chance to train with the RAM2000 detector during testing. The system can remotely quantify chemical agents at ranges up to one kilometer by measuring the quantity of gases in the atmosphere. Fifteen different field tests were carried out using simulated chemical warfare agents (CWA’s). Real CWA’s were used in twenty-two controlled indoor chamber tests. Very low levels of many chemicals can be detected and measured by the RAM2000 in real world situations.

U.S. – Bristol, Tennessee: RAM2000 was installed in a light trailer so it could be easily moved around the site, yet closed and locked at the end of the day. To cover two fence lines, a flat mirror was inserted between the retro reflector and RAM2000 sensor. Real time action level compliance was required during soil handling activities. The RAM2000 was moved depending on wind direction.

U.S. – New Jersey: Daily monitoring was conducted over a three year period by a RAM2000 system set up in a rental truck. The truck was often moved to more strategic locations as the remediation progressed. The entire system including the RAM2000 Tax-Met, PC, and printer ran off of portable generators. When soil handling activities were dormant, the RAM2000 and rental truck were demobilized. The “on” and “off” requirement for air monitoring at large scale remediation make it advantageous to lease equipment for just certain phases of the project.
Monitor the effluent of stack gases flares and vent ducts; Hot gas exhaust gas monitoring for combustion turbine peaking generators, and both open-path FTIR and UV technologies were used.

U.S. – New York: Monitored emissions from landfills. Perimeter monitoring at hazardous waste sites including Superfund emergency removal actions, former MGP, abandoned lagoons, former dumps, and industrial brownfield properties. RAM2000 used to document plume transport along the boundary of a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) remediation, and for soil handling site in New York. The RAM2000 has been used on several projects spanning 10 years to help assess emissions from all phases of wastewater treatment.

Taiwan: RAM2000 was used to monitor a Government (public) building entry and throughfare.

Seoul, Korea: The RAM2000 collected data from a building rooftop corresponding to ozone ozone monitoring by Seouls’ National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER).

South China: RAM2000TM spectrometers have been deployed for chemical and industrial plants in two provinces, both fixed and mobile installations are utilized. Fixed installations include multiple beam paths up to 450 meters.


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