Why Choose Kassay RAM2000?

Specialized FTIR hardware & patented analytical software incorporated in all of KASSAY’s RAM2000 FTIR spectrometers allow gas chemicals to be continuously monitored more accurately than conventional methods.

Challenges Solved by RAM2000™ Technology


• FTIR Challenge:  FTIR detector circuits are prone pick up sources of mechanical and electrical noise.

RAM2000 Solution: RAM2000 circuits employ military technology. The ADC circuit is specially designed to highly filter and digitize signal in a linear mode. The pre-amplifier circuit delivers a signal that is amplified in a way to minimize the detector noise. Power supplies and cables are better shielded and grounded.

Thermal Stability

FTIR Challenge: FTIR signal strength will drift as a result of ambient temperature changes. Drift can cause “false positive” identifications, poor MDLs, or incorrect concentration values.

RAM2000 Solution: RAM2000 optical benches are sold with optional temperature stabilization to keep internal alignment consistent and eliminate voltage drift. VCSEL lasers are additionally temperature stabilized.


Analytical Algorithms

FTIR Challenge: FTIR algorithms need to handle rapid changes in water vapor, CO2, or other atmospheric chemicals.

RAM2000 Solution: RAM2000 Software (RMMSoft) employs patented algorithms to ‘lock’ interferogram ZPD and micro-shift to know water peaks. An adaptive background filtering (ABF) algorithms aggressively handle concentration changes in atmospheric chemicals.




technology-reinvestment-projectThe RAM2000™ design team received the Presidential Recognition Award for being one of only 133 projects completed on time, budget and within scope.

listnet-long-island-software-and-technology-networkRMMSoft™ received the prestigious LISTnet award (Long Island Software Award) for powerful GUI interface to the RAM2000™ and SEI compliant development process.

The RAM2000™ open path monitor completed the USEPA’s Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV)*. A copy of the report and findings can be found at: http://www.epa.gov/etv/pubs/01_vr_ail.pdf.  To date, we believe it is the only OP-FTIR with this certification.


nelac-national-environmental-laboratory-accreditation-conferenceThe RAM2000™ open path monitor used by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) Mobil lab went through the accreditation process according to NELAC standards. More information about the Nelac Institute can be found at: http://www.nelac-institute.org/.  We believe this is the only OP-FTIR in the world to have accomplished this.


saver-us-department-of-homeland-security-system-assessment-and-validation-for-emergency-respondersRAM2000™ open path monitor was approved in USDHS ‘Guide for the Selection of Chemical Agent and Toxic Industrial Material Detection Equipment for Emergency First Responders, Vol. II as part of the SAVER* program: http://www.firstresponder.gov/saver/Pages/Savers.aspx?s=Saver.  The RAM2000TM spectrometer is the only OP-FTIR with this approval.


(*Logos & images from LISTnet, TRP, ETV, NELAC, SAVER are licensed trademarks of those entities and do not imply any endorsement,, approval, certification, guarantee, or warranty of the company, its products, its technologies, or its services. )