Kassay RAM2000: Chemistry World Spectroscopy Product Guide

Kassay RAM2000 Product with IR Spectroscopy Featured


Kassay’s latest advertisement in the 2015 “Chemistry World” Spectroscopy Product Guide publication, featured on page 6 under IR Spectroscopy.


chemistry world spectroscopy product guide publication may 2015


kassay-chemistry world may 2015


As best described by the author of the article, Rebecca Brodie, “Infrared (IR) spectroscopy relies on the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum to analyse solid, liquid and gaseous samples. The analysis of these samples is made possible by the fact that molecules absorb specific frequencies that are characteristic of their structure. Passing a beam of infrared light through a sample and then measuring the absorption, emission or reflectance of the molecule records a spectrum…Every compound has a different IR spectrum, and this can be used as a way of identifying it“.

The publication also highlights other types of spectroscopy – Raman, Mass spectrometry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), as well as what tomorrow may hold for this widely adaptive scientific method.



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